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                                Simplifying Creativity.

The Most Memorable And Meaningful

Baby Shower Game You’ll Ever Play

It’s A Game & A Gift All In One

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Are you tired of the same old baby shower games, you know the ones you play at every shower and can't wait for them to be over so you eat or watch the Mom-To-Be open the adorable gifts?Whether you choose to create it for yourself as a keepsake or you are planning a baby shower with friends for someone special, you are certain to stand out from the crowd with your meaningful and thoughtful custom wearable keepsakes that make up the Punch of Creativity Pregnancy Brain Challenge©. Its value is incredible. It quadruples as a game, keepsake gift, storage container and can even save a few to be used as décor.

Click here to see how to play it as a game, or watch the video below!

Pregnancy Brain Challenge Baby Shower Game

Description And Mom-to-Be's Reaction

Click here to see how to use it for yourself or give it as a gift!

It's very appropriate for all Moms-To-Be but particularly the more mature Mom-To-Be who is sophisticated, nostalgic or cherishes family history. What better way to recognize her than to play a game that is all about her (one last time) and personalized just for her. It fosters connections between friends and the guest of honor's life story. When the game is over, everything that's a part of the Pregnancy Brain Challenge is hers to keep and use on her baby for months to come. If you order a larger quantity, you can use some of the Onesies for décor for the baby shower.

Here's what a mom said about experiencing the Pregnancy Brain Challenge at her baby shower:

"The Pregnancy Brain Challenge is the perfect baby shower game. Not only is it a great conversation starter, but it’s better than the typical shower game because it’s completely unique and personalized for you and your family. Each onesie had a date that was significant in the development of me and my husband’s relationship with our family, so it was great to remember those special times in our lives as we prepared for the birth of our son. Plus, it’s the gift that keeps on giving! He’s still able to wear the onesies, and every time he puts one on I can’t help but smile.”

-Rachelle G.

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Select Examples Of The Kinds of Dates That Can Be Featured

(written from the baby's perspective)

  • The Day My Mommy & Daddy Married
  • The Date My Mommy & Daddy Met
  • The Date They Found Out I Existed
  • The Date My Mommy Was Born
  • The Date My Daddy Was Born
  • My Grandma XXXX's Birthday
  • My Grandpa XXXX's Birthday
  • In Honor Of My Great Grandmother XXXX
  • My Big Sister XXXX's Birthday
  • The Day I Was Due
  • The Day I Was Born
  • The Day My Parents Got Engaged
  • The Date They Found Out I Was a Boy/Girl
  • The Day My Parents Got Engaged

The Pregnancy Brain Challenge© can be used as:

  • a baby shower game which doubles as a gift,
  • a gift sent to someone special,
  • or gift for yourself!

Pregnancy Brain Challenge© Sets and Prices

  • If you order the set of 5, you will receive 5 white personalized Onesies in the following sizes: 2 (0-3 months), 3 (3-6 months); ($60.00)
  • If you order the set of 10, you will receive 10 white personalized Onesies in the following sizes: 5 (0-3 months), 5 (3-6 months); ($100.00)
  • If you order the set of 15, you will receive 15 white personalized Onesies in the following sizes: 5 (0-3 months), 5 (3-6 months), 5 (6-12months); ($150.00)
  • If you order the set of 20, you will receive 20 white personalized Onesies in the following sizes: (0-3 months), 5 (3-6 months), 5 (6-12 months), 5 (12-18 months); ($200.00)
  • If you order the set of 25, you will receive 25 white personalized Onesies in the following sizes: 5 (0-3 months), 5 (3-6 months), 10 (6-12 months), 5 (18-12 months); ($250.00)

All Onesies are short-sleeved, high-quality, pre-shrunk, 100% WHITE cotton fabric.

We Include An Extra Signature Onesie that says the date of the baby shower (you provide on the order form) and the words "The People Who Came To My Baby Shower" as a precious keepsake. Give your baby shower guests a permanent marker and have them sign the onesie as a "guest book" that becomes a one-of-a-kind keepsake for the Mom-To-Be.

Impressive Packaging (included with every Pregnancy Brain Challenge purchase)

Take your gift to the baby shower in this clever container and use it for the game. Afterwards, the mom-to-be will have a great container for the baby's room to hold a host of baby necessities. Ribbons vary by the baby's gender (blue for boys, pink for girls). If gender is unknown, we use brown ribbon.

20 Custom Event Thank You Cards ($25.00 per set)

Continue the spirit of the Pregnancy Brain Challenge Game well after the Baby Shower and include these thank you note cards for the Mom-To-Be. You helped her have a memorable Baby Shower, now help her thank all of her wonderful guests with a personal touch!